• New endpoint for getting rating data of any token /rating/coin/{id}
  • New endpoint for getting rating data of all tokens /rating/coins


  • Renamed endpoint exchange's 'Retrieve exchange tickers' to 'Retrieve exchange markets', with URL /exchanges/{id}/markets
  • The old URL /exchanges/{id}/tickers will also continue to serve you. You don't need to make any changes if you are using it.


  • New endpoint for exchange's verified/unverified tickers /exchanges/{id}/tickers
  • New endpoint for news /news/list
  • New endpoint for research articles/reports /research/list


  • New endpoint for tickers /coins/{id}/tickers
  • Add tickers in coinDetail

2022.06.15 TokenInsight API v1 released

We have released our API v1, and it is free to the public. Everyone can use it.