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The TokenInsight API helps developers and users alike retrieve crypto market data and build their own experiences. Our API is free to use, and anyone can get an API key with a TokenInsight account.

We provided a set of endpoints that allow you to fetch coins' prices, introduction, relative links, and other market data. You can also get crypto exchanges' trading data by different types or categories.

This API is free of charge and we are expecting that you give attributions to TokenInsight on your site or your app, or any data representation. You should link to the TokenInsight website when using this API from the data that you display. Here you can find our Brand Assets and Guidelines to help you with TokenInsight attribution.

API Key Setup

  • All endpoints require a key to access, please contact us to apply for a key, don't hessitate to send mail to [email protected]
  • example of key setup: curl --header 'TI_API_KEY: ${your key}' https://api.tokeninsight.com
  • The default speed of requests is limitted to be 5qps, please pay attention to the request frequency, and also pay attention to keeping the key

You can use c29e7b7fc21792aa96f69229c4b30bb0 as a trial key on our api documentation website or in command line for quick experiments

API Introductions

  • The baseURL is : https://api.tokeninsight.com
  • The request header is required to include the TI_API_KEY field which contains api key
  • The parameters must be in the query strings with HTTP method as GET
  • All data are represented in JSON format
  • The timestamp is UNIX timestamp in milliseconds

The following is the schema of response, when the code is not 0, the data field is not returned

  "status": {
    "code": 0,
    "message": "tips",
    "timestamp": 1640966400000

HTTP response code

  • HTTP 400 error codes are used to indicate wrong request content, behavior, format. The problem is with the requester.
  • HTTP 401 error code indicates that TI_API_KEY is missing in the header
  • HTTP 403 error code indicates that the key corresponding to TI_API_KEY is invalid, expired, or exceeded
  • HTTP 429 error code indicates that the access frequency exceeds the limit
  • HTTP 500 error code is used to indicate a problem on the backend server.


While our API is meant to track most of the Cryptoassets and Exchanges in the market, it's worth noting that we're continuously Listing new & Delisting old assets and exchanges, hence your query might return a HTTP 400 Error code "Bad Request" error code for none existing tokens or exchanges. In that case, we encourage you to check our website here Cryptocurrencies & Exchanges to make sure the token you're looking for is listed and live.
You could also drop us an email here List or Update Token or Exchange details or use the New Coin / Token Listing form



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