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Retrieve exchanges list

exchange_namestringexchange name
exidstringA unique ID to identify different exchanges.
websitestringexchange official website
twitterstringexchange official twitter link
fees_linkstringexchange fees link
launchedstringexchange launch date
centralizedboolcentralized or decentralized
support_spotboolsupport spot
support_derivativesboolsupport Derivatives
rating_spotfloatexchange rating of spot market
rating_spot_dateintSpot rating time
rating_derivativesfloatexchange rating of the derivatives market
rating_derivatives_dateintDerivatives Rating Time
vol_spot_24hfloatSpot market trading volume in the last 24 hours
vol_derivatives_24hfloatderivatives market trading volume in the last 24 hours
open_interestfloatOpen interest
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